During pregnancy all better, normal weight gain is 12-17 kg. After giving birth weight decreases, but in some places the extra pounds “late”. To get rid of them, performed liposuction, it helps to eliminate local disturbances of the contours of the figures.
Indications: thigh strain, the accumulation of excess fat in the abdomen, knees, chin.

Contraindications: diabetes mellitus, blood clotting disorder, heart disease can lead to complications of varying severity during surgery or in the postoperative period.

What is the essence of the operation. The fat in the area that will undergo liposuction, dissolve using ultrasound device. Then the surgeon makes a micro incision through which enters the thin tube that connects it to the vacuum pump, and performs the removal of adipose tissue. This technique avoids damage to the skin, nerves and blood vessels. In addition, ultrasound facilitates the reduction and tightening of skin.

The recovery period. In place of liposuction bruises and swelling, they can survive up to months, full recovery occurs after 2 months. To save the new body shape after surgery, impose a pressure bandage, and then in 4 weeks will have to wear a special compression garment. In this period are not recommended exercise, a Solarium, saunas, baths. You can see this book of mormon tickets nyc discount .

Result. The first effect of liposuction will be visible after 1.5 months after the state of the tissues is normalized. In this period the healing of the underlying tissues, the disappearance of swelling, reduction of the skin. The final result can be assessed via 4–6 months after surgery. In most cases liposuction allows to correct the contours of the body and improve the figure.

The Council. Sometimes after removal of excess fat occurs sagging skin. In this case, you may need, in addition to liposuction, an additional operation, for example, abdominoplasty.