Air condition performance is essential in older houses and need to be monitored for proper functioning. The way your air condition performs depends on a number of factors including your ductwork, coil, filters and the way your house is constructed amongst other things.

In order for your air condition to perform at its best all components must be working properly and the air condition must be of the correct size to suit your house. Another important point to consider is the age of your air condition unit, as the older the air condition unit the less energy efficient it will be.

In these modern times it is very important as people are becoming more conscious of how important it is to have a cooling energy efficient air condition unit installed in their homes, especially when it helps reduce their utility bills and provides better air condition performance.

Installing the correct size of air condition unit is probably the most important decision in order to get the best performance out of your air condition system. This is usually determined by testing to see how much "heat gain" your house is likely to experience over a period of time.

This test is usually done by a professional and is based on the way your house is constructed, the materials it is made from, the thickness of the walls and ceilings, the amount of windows, doors, rooms etc and in general the overall layout of your house.

Performing periodical maintenance on your air condition unit entails checking to ensure that the coils, filters, refrigerant, fans etc, are all performing as they should be.

Dirty or clogged coils will not cool the air adequately and will cause the system to malfunction, the same goes for dirty filters as they will not allow the air to pass freely over the coils, and will most definitely cause the system to malfunction.

The refrigerant or gas as it is commonly known should also be checked to ensure that it does in fact have enough gas to perform its duty.

All fans connected to the air condition system should definitely be checked to ensure that they are in fact working properly, and last but by no means least you should check the ductwork to ensure that they have not developed any leaks.

You may also want to seal the ducts in your attic and crawlspace as this can dramatically improve the cooling energy efficiency of your overall system.

Just a note you might want to consider, perhaps your air condition is quite old maybe older then ten years, well then you might want to consider replacing it with a newer model energy saver system.

This will be quite beneficial to you both in comfort and plus you will see a great reduction in your utility expenses as these modern air condition units are designed to be great energy savers with much higher performance than the older model air conditions.

Of course if you do decide to replace your old air condition unit with a newer model be sure that you get a professional to determine the correct size and also when you are installing the new system you might want to consider reinstalling new ductwork so that you will not have problems in the future, because of leaking or too small ducts. You can check here seo expert sydney.