If you are experiencing lower back pains, you would surely be experiencing calf pain. This calf pain arises from the tightness of the calf muscles, which is more prone to women who are always wearing high heeled shoes. Those who experience cramps on calf pains only mean there are problems with their muscles, coming from the spinal nerves in the lower back of the body. However, you do not have to have lower back pains just to say you are experiencing calf pain. If you wake up in the middle of your sleep because of calf cramps, then you have calf pain symptoms.

If you want to know more about calf pain causes and calf pain treatments, you first have to know what calf muscles are. Well, you should know that you have three calf muscles. The first two are called gastrocnemius muscles, which are the inner and outer muscles also known as media and lateral. These muscles are located somewhere above your knee. The third muscle is called the soleus muscle. This muscle is placed on the tibia and fibula bones.

These bones are actually your leg bones. Without the soleus and gastrocnemius muscles, you cannot bend your ankle as well as your foot. Therefore, you cannot point your toes down the ground. Thanks to these muscles as they are very important for your feet movement. So, if you are experiencing calf pain swelling, you are not able to step flat with your heels onto the ground.

It is because of the tightening of their calf muscles. With that, you have the tendency of falling because you have problems with your heels. You should thank your soleus muscle for making it easier for you to stand because it is relaxed during this time. With that, your leg is stable.

For the calf pain treatment, you should first treat the dorsiflexor muscles, those found at the foot and ankle so that you can avoid contractions. You need to have these contractions shortened. You can try walking with your heels on the ground to shorten and eventually do away with the contractions of these dorsiflexor muscles. And of course, you have to solve the primary and root cause of your calf pain, and you can do that by having your spinal nerve root treated. See this interesting wayback machine websites .

If you still continue to experience lengthened contractions, you should have all these muscles treated. You should know how to shorten these contractions. As mentioned earlier, your dorsiflexors muscles in your foot and ankle must be treated, same with the gluteus maximus muscles, rectus femoris muscles, spinal extensor muscles, and adductor magnus muscles, because these are the muscles that would most likely experience contractions when you have calf pain.

You must consult all of these to your doctor and ask for the best method that you can use to shorten these contractions. Calf pain is hard to endure, and you cannot bear it until forever so might as well act upon it and have it treated earlier before it gets too late.